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    Wedding Ceremonies

    In common with all Chaplaincies possessing Apostolic Succession, the Unitarian Baptist Chaplaincy       
    or Fellowship, holds the Greater Spiritual Services to be five in number, namely: Baptism, the Holy
    Eucharist, Marriage, Holy Orders and Holy Anointing. The essential elements necessary for the     
    validity of each Services are enumerated in Canons 020.24 through 020.27.

    The Sacraments delivery
    In Christian chaplaincy or Fellowship, a clergy-person is someone who is authorized by EMMI to  
    perform functions such as teaching of beliefs; leading services such as weddings, baptisms or     
    funerals or otherwise providing spiritual guidance to the community.

    Only a ordained person can office in any of our sacraments but they do not have to be a member           
    of the clergy, a lay minister can perform as well excepted for the Eucharist.

    In Canon with the exception of the sacrament of Holy Orders, clergy may not deny the  
    spiritual Services to those who ask for them, provided that the reasonable discretion of the minister   
    shall apply with regard to the choice of the time and appropriate place for their administration and
    according to the faith and the Civil Laws.

    A marriage in the faith
    Our religious marriage refers to a religious ceremony during which a civil marriage that meets the
    requirements of the Civil Code of Québec is celebrated.

    Canon The clergy are free to vest in colour appropriate to the circumstances, but in    
    general rules are black for funerals, white for ordinations and marriages and gold for major events     
    and the alb and stole must be wear..

    In a Civil ceremony the minister wear a suit or costume according to the event but must wear the stole.

    Weddings FAQ's

  • What kind of celebration do you offer?
    We offer the ability to customize your ceremony, and at the place where you want. A spiritual, religious  
    or civil celebration, which will meet your requirements, an intimate and romantic ceremony a unique
    moment in your lives .

    An unforgettable and magical time according to your expectations. We build with you a day of dreams.
    We have a complete and attentive service. For us, your satisfaction is our priority. We also celebrate
    renewals of vows, anniversaries, christenings and funerals, and at competitive prices.

  • How long we need to reserve before a wedding?
    The Government request a four (4) months notice.

  • Where can we be married by EMMI?
    At the present time only in Province of Quebec and Some States (please call or email to know which

    The government of Quebec (an other provinces) is very strict on the location, first it need a civic  
    address and the place have to be appropriate for the occasion. The ceremony must be held in a            
    place that is open to the public, before an authorized officiant and in the presence of two witnesses.

    The ceremony solemnized by an officiant may be held in any place chosen by the intended spouses,  
    provided that the place is in keeping with the solemn nature of the ceremony and has a suitable        
    layout. It is particularly important to note that the location decided on for a marriage celebrated by an
    officiant appointed by the Minister of Justice cannot be changed since it is specified in the officiant's
    instrument of designation. The ceremony must necessarily take place in the judicial district indicated.

  • What is the time for a celebration?
    It must be solemnized between 9:00 and 22:00 and they may be solemnized on any day.

  • How it is with the Bans (Quebec)?
    It must be posted for 20 days before the date of the ceremony, at the place where the ceremony is
    to be held and at the courthouse nearest to that place.

    The Quebec banns of marriage, known simply as the "banns" or "bans" rooted from there to Old
    French, are the public announcement in the town of an impending marriage between two specified
    persons. The purpose of banns is to enable anyone to raise any civil legal impediment to the marriage
    so as to prevent marriages that are invalid. Impediments vary between legal jurisdictions, but would
    normally include a per-existing marriage that has been neither dissolved nor annulled, lack of consent
    or the couple's being related within the prohibited degrees of kinship.

  • Spouses' names
    Both spouses keep their birth names after marriage and continue to exercise their civil rights under
    that name, i.e., they must use their birth name in contracts, on credit cards, on their driver’s licence,

    This rule applies to all spouses domiciled in Québec
    Even if they were married outside Québec.

    However, women married before April 2, 1981 who were already using their husband’s surname before
    that date may continue to exercise their civil rights under their married name.

  • How to get our Marriage Certificate (Quebec)?

  • Important: Photocopies will not be accepted. Original documents will be returned to their owners.
    Documents written in a language other than French or English must be accompanied by an official
    translation, which is a translation prepared by a member of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et
    interprètes agréés du Québec., accompanied by a sworn statement from the translator that the
    translation is accurate.

  • How much do you charge for a celebration?
    No two ceremonies are the same because each one is composed to reflect the unique character and
    personalities of the marriage partners. Our ceremony is imbued with meaning by the people who are
    participants whether the couple or their friends, family and guests. Above all our wedding is a
    celebration of the human spirit and the human capacity to form conscious relationships with  
    particular individuals. It have so much variant please contact us for more information.
    to give you an average donation Fees