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    Our Celebrant Rev Eric & Rev Yvonne
    Eric Michel, Authorization Code # 35908 from Quebec Justice Ministry
         Marie Yvonne Authorization Code # 52933 from Quebec Justice Ministry

    In order to help prepare those who seek the spiritual service of Holy Matrimony all  
    couple must undergo at least four one hour sessions with a Minister or counselor   
    before the wedding can take place. These sessions should focus on what the marital
    relationship will entail as well as discern any defects that could hamper the marital

    Holy Matrimony is a sacrament of the Church, and for that reason a marriage can
    only grow spiritually with a couple’s deliberate life together as Christians even is a
    civil wedding. We are a religious organisation our main celebration is a

    Marriage Service within a Celebration of Holy Communion including Civil
    Wedding Formula for the Province of Quebec
    (Canon 201408 Liturgy 61). Also our mandate is to serve our community

    We offer civilian ceremony as well.


    The core competencies for EMMI clergy is meeting the needs of people we serve.       
    We have the ability to structure meaningful responses to diverse needs in dedication
    service, baptism, wedding ceremony, or funeral service.

           The Wedding Ministry of Eric Michel Ministries International
Have Christian voluntary with specific emphasis on non-stipendiary ministers
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Wedding Only Donation.
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